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Erotic Viet Poetry, yes. 

Thân em như quả mít trên cây 
Da nó xù xì, múi nó dầy 
Quân tử có thương thì đóng cọc, 
Xin đừng mân mó, nhựa ra tay. 

My body is like a jackfruit swinging on a tree
My skin is rough, my pulp is thick
Dear prince, if you want me pierce me upon your stick
Don’t squeeze, I’ll ooze and stain your hands
-Ho Xuan Huong
p.s. Sharing this with my pops. awkward. 

City and Colour

—The Girl



The Girl // City and Colour

"Please know I’m yours to keep."

If you were to leave, fulfill someone else’s dreams, I think I might totally be lost

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NailedIt: Vietnamese & The Nail Industry

This is an American story that has to be told. #NailedIt preserves and unfurls an indelible history, and gives voice to the Vietnamese women who are stalwarts of the nail salon. Although the wave of Vietnamese refugees coming to the US has slowed to a trickle, many Vietnamese have roots in the trade, and continue to use it to put themselves through school, and support their families in an unpredictable economy.

#NailedIt also explores social/environmental issues that Vietnamese Americans currently face in the nail industry, including racial discrimination by regulators, negative portrayals and stereotypes in mass media, workers rights issues, education and the development of “healthy” nail salons and products, which is met with resistance from customers accustomed to discount pricing, and salon owners who have built their business around providing high volume, low overhead service.

In other words, this is the definitive story of Vietnamese Americans and their impact on American culture and the & nail industry. Join us and make a difference!!


Chinese Bowl


muslin, embroidery floss, wire



Continuing the trend of great music videos this week, here is John Legend’s new one for his song “You & I (Nobody in This World).”

I love this. It shows a hugely diverse group of women in the most amazing light, celebrating them all as beautiful. I may have teared up a little bit… A few of its best qualities:

  • When I say the women are diverse, I mean it not just racially. There are women of different sizes, shapes, physical ability, sexual orientation, level of health, age, religion, occupation, etc. It represents the real range of women out there in the world who are so often shut out of mainstream media.
  • Not all of the women are happy in their segments. We are so often told to smile, as if happiness must be our default setting. Women should not have to smile to please men, and I think that is just one of the things this video gets absolutely right.  
  • I usually get annoyed with songs like this, because they make it seems as if a man’s validation that “I think you are beautiful” is all a woman needs to live her life. But I felt like the video showed the story differently, as if everyone sees you as beautiful even if you don’t recognize it yourself when you look in a mirror.

What do you think?

No blurred lines here, just bold curvatures of beautiful human beings. All the feels. 

Hoping to get a degree so I can work for the Ministry of Muggle Health. What did I get myself into?! #publichealth #mugglelife 

Hoping to get a degree so I can work for the Ministry of Muggle Health. What did I get myself into?! #publichealth #mugglelife 


The Trung Sisters

The Trung sisters are still celebrated in Vietnam almost 2,000 years after they lived, and it’s easy to understand why. Trung Trac and Trung Nhi grew up experiencing tighter and more vicious controls placed on their fellow Vietnamese citizens by imperial Chinese forces. After suffering a very personal tragedy, they had had enough. Assembling an army of 80,000 people and appointing women as high-ranking generals, they drove the Chinese out of Vietnam in the year 40. Many believe the country would never have survived if it weren’t for these warrior sisters, who are often depicted charging into battle on elephants.

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Applied to a public health grad program at a religious institution, I hope they see this. 

Applied to a public health grad program at a religious institution, I hope they see this. 

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Touching Photographs From a Thai Artist Reconciling Displacement

Pimprae Hiranprueck, who goes by Nancy, barely spoke English when she left Thailand for the U.S. at age 13. And while she now calls the U.S. home, for many years, she’s struggled to reconcile missing her home country and the family she left behind. As a way of coping and investigating the layers of emotions she felt about her estrangement and her imminent return to Thailand, she produced Intersecting the Parallels, a photography project where she inserts herself into landscapes and family photographs. In a recent interview in SlateHiranprueck says the project enabled her to, “reacquaint myself with friends and family and to create new memories.” Read more on her website

Read more at Slate

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Running For Cover // Ivan And Alyosha

we’ve been trying with each other to unravel the age old story, but i’m starting to think there’s a reason that we don’t understand.

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